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comments in php

comments in phpAs you know, PHP code can easily look confusing,so today we will learn about comments that makes php script easy to understand, and we will learn how to put comment in php scripts.

Comments are very important in all languages,when you are coding something, then there are some thing that are not easy to remember for you, or you writing script for public, then you want to tell to others about some code which is hard to understand,then php comments will help.

How to put comment?

Its easy, you just need to add double slashes [green]"//"[/gree] without qoutes then text you want to type,for example:

//php code goes here


You can put comment every where in script,

if comment is more then one line, than type a slash then star "*" without qouets than type comment and than a star and slash at the end of comment,for example:

/* php code goes here, and we are using comment, if the comment text is more than one line, */


Over for toady.

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